Microsoft Cloud Adoption & Business Support Specialists
Microsoft Cloud Adoption & Business Support Specialists

Affordable Managed Business Support

ABCare Support

ABCare is our most basic suite of bundled support services to help you better control and maintain your business technology.  This subscription is the most affordable way to be a District Computers' managed client.  


  • Priority Support Service & District Computers’ Knowledgebase Access
  • Preferred Service & Discounted Hardware Rates (when possible)
  • Presales support for Microsoft-based Cloud Projects
  • Support Incident Tracking & DC Web Portal Access
  • Microsoft Office 365 Basic Support Service
  • Lower billable service time increments:  2-hour onsite support; ½-hour remote support
  • Email Q&A with District Computers Inside Technology Specialists Resources

ABCare+ Support

ABCare+ (ABCare Plus) is our basic ABCare service plus our award-winning remote (email/chat/phone) support. ABCare+ includes the same core services of ABCare (above) plus the following services:


  • 24/7 Chat, Phone & Remote Support [Plus+ service]
  • 24/7 Server & Client Monitoring & Alert Notification [Plus+ service]
  • Microsoft Signature Cloud Support Service (for Azure, CRM Online & Office 365) [Plus+ service]
    • Subscriptions, Account, User & Services management
    • Direct Microsoft Cloud services billing [optional]
    • Support Request Management
    • Unlimited Microsoft Cloud Support
  • Free endpoint Threat Protection & Monitoring [Plus+ service]


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.  Do we have to subscribe to ABCare, ABCare+ or the DCPremier Care Service Plans to get support from District Computers now?

A.  No.  District Computers has and will continue to support as many businesses as we can with their technology needs.  Our policies changed and we now charge more (time) for our Support Team to engage with non-contracted customers.  We also are requiring all businesses to accept our modified support terms before we will deliver service (one time only).  We prioritize support requests to ensure that our DCPremier Care, ABCare+ and ABCare customers get their support incidents responded to and serviced first (in that order). 


Q.  Which Support Service is best for my business?

A.  This answer varies by need and budget, but as a general rule of thumb for businesses that want:

  • To pay a flat fee each month and know that everything is covered - DCPremier Care

  • Their systems supported & protected, access to remote support 24x7, Signature Cloud Support, priority response and discounted labor & hardware – ABCare+

  • Basic Office 365 Support, priority response and discounted labor & hardware – ABCare

NOTE See the DC Support Services Plan Chart for a full comparison of the service plans


Q.  I have infrequent support issues and only want support when I need support.  Why should I subscribe to ABCare or ABCare+ for our business support needs?

A.  Many small businesses don’t feel that they need to pay for support they are not always using, but they often rely on their technology and cannot afford to be “down” or “offline” as this downtime leads to possibly productivity losses that can wipe a small business out.

Our ABCare services enable small businesses to get support very quickly in the event of such problems, and with ABCare+ small businesses can even get notified of problems before they occur (in attempts to prevent failure) or immediately after they occur (to help with a faster recovery). 

When we provide support that is not included with our service, ABCare customers only have to pay us as little as 1 hour of remote support time or 2 hours of onsite support time.  We also are working on their issues as quickly as possible and set them to the highest priority. 

When we provide support to non-ABCare customers, they have to pay at least 2-hours of remote support or 4 hours of onsite support.  Also, their issues, no matter how severe, fall to the bottom of our support queue and get responded to whenever we can get to them.  This means our non-ABCare customers pay double or more and typically have to wait longer for service to be delivered.

DC Support Services Plan Cart
DC Support Services Plans Chart.pdf
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