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Outlook Data Encryption from BitTitan

Maintain ownership and control of your information with BitTitan Data Encryption, a monthly service that ensures your company’s internal email security by encrypting your Office 365 Outlook data. BitTitan Data Encryption, the latest addition to the BitTitan suite of offerings, provides a persistent layer of protection for your email in the cloud.


BitTitan Data Encryption protects your information from the moment it leaves your control. All Exchange data is encrypted before it goes to the cloud and it stays encrypted in transit, in use, and at rest. The keys are separated from the encrypted data to prevent unauthorized access. Your data is never vulnerable.




BitTitan Data Encryption encrypts all aspects of your Outlook communications including: email body, subject line, attachments, tasks, calendars, public folders and personal archives.

Ownership and Control in the Cloud

Moving to the cloud makes a lot of sense – it saves money, simplifies support, and allows a flexible approach to IT as your company grows. It’s definitely the best option in today’s marketplace. But when you give up control and place your vital information in someone else’s hands, there are security and privacy questions you need to consider:

  • How do you make sure that your information stays private?
  • Where are the keys that protect your data stored?
  • How do you prevent loss of information from theft, accidents, or government snooping?
  • Do your existing security measures account for all states of data? At rest, in use, and in transit?
  • How do you make sure you are complying with laws that make you fully liable for the protection of private personal, medical, or financial information you handle?

Full end-to-end control means protecting your information through its entire life cycle -- in transit, at rest and in use. And it means separating the encryption keys from the information. 

Why Choose BitTitan Data Encryption?

With BitTitan Data Encryption you can:

  • Maintain ownership and control of your data while you enjoy the benefits of moving to the cloud
  • Protect yourself against both malicious attacks and unauthorized government snooping
  • Make sure your Internal Outlook communications are fully protected
  • Control access to your sensitive information to protect it from the wrong people
  • Support your compliance initiatives around privacy and data security
  • Be secure without getting in the way of your employees' productivity

Can't I Just Use Microsoft's Encryption?

Microsoft uses BitLocker to protect the data on the hard drives in its data centers. If someone steals a physical hard drive, they will have nothing useful. While this is a great technology, it does nothing to protect data when it is in use, and it does not protect against rogue administrators, hackers, or government snooping.


Microsoft’s Office 365 Message Encryption is a solution for sending encrypted email between companies. It requires the user to choose to send the email in encrypted form and it requires the receiver to use a Web portal to read the email. This is a useful tool for sending one-off messages outside of your company, but it does nothing to protect regular, internal day-to-day email communications and calendar information. BitTitan’s service automatically protects all of your internal communications without you or your users having to manually implement protection on each of the hundreds or thousands of individual emails you send every day.


BitTitan Data Encryption protects all of your Exchange information all of the time and works seamlessly and transparently with existing Microsoft offerings. Think of it like home security; Microsoft put the lock on your door, but BitTitan’s here to add a deadbolt. There’s no such thing as “too safe.” 

stage without BitTitan Data Encyption vulnerabilty with BitTitan Data Encryptio
In-Transit to and from the cloud All Exchange data travels to Office 365 using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) SSL is generally secure, but bugs, hacks and exploits have exposed flaws in the system over the years. Any data exposed through a hack, exploit, Day One attack or in any other way will be fully encrypted and unreadable.
At-Rest and In-Use in the Cloud All hard disks at the Microsoft data centers are protected with BitLocker BitLocker protects the physical hard disks from theft or unauthorized replication. But when the drives are in use the data is not encrypted and exists in memory as clear text. This means your data can be exposed through carelessness, snooping, or theft. Your data is always protected while it is in the cloud. Should your data be exposed through carelessness, snooping or theft, it will be fully encrypted and unreadable.

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